Our expert services


Business Potential

After we define the type of desired property together, our team will locate suitable properties, perform necessary due diligence, and compile a report with recommendations for the best results.

We offer this service to developers, investors, and private individuals, helping them discover the business potential of the property for purchase. This consultation leverages our decade long experience and expertise in Real-Estate planning, design, and improvement of commercial as well as residential properties.


Layout Planning

During this stage we develop the architectural language and concept as means to showcase the architectural potential, creating a visual representation in various tools.

As architects and interior designers, we know how to optimize your investment with an architectural vision. We imagine a complete architectural remodel and new layout optimized according to the new needs and design guides. This requires a broad understanding of permit processes alongside creative and imaginative solutions offered in cooperation with other professionals as needed; engineers, appraisers, attorneys etc.


Custom Design

During this stage we provide detailed architectural planning for construction, full materials catalogue and complete carpentry and fabrication brief for all the elements we design.

We plan and design ‘outside the box’, in a method that allows the building, space, and environment be useful, smart, and timeless. This is achieved when the planning and design connect with the client’s preference, combined with the right design style, as well as choosing the right materials, finishes and products. Through learning the property, its structural possibilities, and the project’s requirements we can direct towards the best design choices for successful execution.


Project Management

This is the stage where your vision is met with our versatile capabilities from managing technical aspects, determining the overall aesthetic, and monitoring orders, suppliers and constructor through execution.

We know that a winning team together with personal attention is the recipe for a successful project. We will act as your ‘right hand’ while setting the highest standards for execution and construction. Throughout the process our guiding principles are maintaining timetables and budget limitations, transparent, reliable management, from initial planning until project completion.

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